Wildlife Volunteering

Wildlife Volunteering

Volunteering for the RSPB

Looking for an exciting and interesting way to make a difference for wild birds and the environment, why not consider volunteering? You don't have to know anything about birds to volunteer with the RSPB. Whatever your interests or skills, they would love your help.

Whether you want to work indoors or out, at home or on a reserve, want to give one hour of your time or a 100, they can find something to suit you in your own area. Locally the RSPB need volunteer hide assistants, charity collectors, “Aren’t Birds Brilliant” helpers, guided walk leaders and shop assistants. Or you might have your own ideas of how you can help the RSPB. Contact: Alex Pigott 
Tel: 01704 536378
Email: alex [dot] pigott [at] rspb [dot] org [dot] uk

Natural England
Ainsdale NNR

Volunteers are needed to help with practical tasks (on Wednesdays and Thursdays) when they may be involved in a wide range of activities such as scrub clearance, litter picking, fencing, boardwalk building, collecting species records and assisting visitors to name but a few. Volunteer wardens are required, particularly in the summer, to act as the ‘eyes and ears’ of the wardens and report information back to the site manager.
Tel: 01704 578774

Ribble Estuary NNR

Volunteers with a keen interest in wildlife and/or practical skills are also needed on the Ribble Estuary NNR, for practical conservation work and surveys
Tel: 01704 225624

Red Alert! Save our Squirrels

In Sefton, the squirrel poxvirus has once again infected the population of Red Squirrels. The north - eastern section of Ainsdale Sands National Nature Reserve needs to be searched on a daily basis and volunteers are needed to help make this possible. This work is essential in order to assess the health of remaining Red Squirrels and remove sick animals or carcasses, for the well being of the whole Red Squirrel population.

Could you help to search the woodlands? It is vital to keep the searches going and every hour you can spare helps.

Tel: 0151 920 3769 and speak to Sally Orritt or Fiona Whitfield to offer support, or
Email: sorritt [at] lancswt [dot] org [dot] uk or fwhitfield [at] lancswt [dot] org [dot] uk.

The Wetland Bird Survey

The Wetland Bird Survey (WeBS) is a scheme to monitors non-breeding water birds in the UK. The principal aims of WeBS are to identify population sizes, determine trends in numbers and distribution and to identify important sites for waterbirds. Monthly co-ordinated counts are made mainly by volunteers.
Trainee WeBS counters are needed. For more information go to BTO website or contact Natural England’s Ribble Estuary NNR office on 01704 225624.

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