Camera links and Audio Trails

Ribble Coast and Wetlands partners are using the wonders of technology to help you discover some of the area's wild places.

Every year, MARTIN MERE will rear anything up to 15 greater flamingo chicks in May and June, offering visitors the opportunity to see flamingo chicks as they grow and explore the enclosure.  See how many chicks you can spot on the camera.

Click here to go to the flamingo-cam.

And in the evenings (usually after 9 p.m.) you can watch the antics of the beavers on the beaver-cam. 

MERE SANDS WOOD has added audio trails to their website.  There are three to chose from and you're bound to want to listen to all three.

Travel through time with the HISTORY TRAIL, to find out interesting facts about the reserve, what it grew out of and what the surrounding area was like in times gone by.

Discover the sights and smells of Mere Sands Wood with the SENSORY AUDIO TRAIL.  Developed with Galloway's Society for the Blind this trail is a guide created to bring the site alive for the visually inpaired, but it's enjoyable for everyone.

And younger members of your family will want to listen along to PROFFESOR DUMBLEBERRY'S HI-TECH, ECCENTRIC AND EXCITING AUDIO TRAIL in which the Professor and his dog (Pants) tell about the history and wildlife of the site in a fun way that will inspire them to learn about the natural world.

This link will take you the trails and instructions to help you download and listen. 


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