The Vision

By 2020 the Ribble Coast and Wetlands will be an internationally recognised destination based on its environmental significance, which will be conserved and enhanced.

It will improve the quality of life and enhance a sense of place for local communities and visitors. Sustainable development through tourism will contribute to the region’s prosperity and well - being.

The Ribble Coast and Wetlands is renowned for its protected wildlife and threatened habitats, but relatively underused and under valued. We will create new opportunities for local people, visitors and business to benefit from this hidden asset.

We will increase the area under conservation management and develop new wetland estuarine habitats. We will create a stronger sense of place by managing, enhancing and promoting the Ribble Coast and Wetlands as a landscape for people as well as wildlife.

We will create new opportunities to visit and enjoy the area’s wild places, provide walking and cycling routes and reconnect communities to their natural surroundings.

We will work together with local communities and businesses to develop a Regional Park Plan for the Ribble Coast and Wetlands that will help turn this vision into reality.

Click here to view the Ribble Coast and Wetlands Vision Document


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